Getting your hair healthy after a beach holiday!

Well, the Christmas holidays are over, and we hope you took the time to unwind and relax. We know we did! Now, with the formalities out of the way – how is the hair looking? Is your skin okay? We’re thinking you might have gotten away to the beach for a few days and that hair and skincare routine you stuck to might have been thrown out the window!

Fair enough, too!

However, now you’re back into the grind, it’s time to put some time aside for some self-care. We’re thinking a wash, trim and blowdry.

Maybe a skin treatment and massage too> We’ve got you covered at Savvy with a comprehensive range of hair care, skin care, and massage to get you feeling and looking great.

If you’re not ready to drop in and see us, we’ve got some tips for how you can get your hair on its way back to health:

  1. Personalised hair conditioner for your needs – find one that protects your hair while you’re out during the day when your hair is exposed to climate and the stress we put our hair into with day to day life!
  2. Use a heat protectant – if your hair really is damaged, we recommend booking in straight away, however, if you can’t we recommend you do not do anything that can damage it further. This means no heat-styling, teasing and no hairsprays! If you must use something, look at a protectant that protects your hair from heat.
  3. Pick up a treatment – If you have coloured hair, or it is highly sensitised – pre-lighten and coloured hair are notorious for damaging bonds which is why keratin treatments are so popular. There are some stay at home treatments we can offer in the lead up to your next appointment or maintain hair during the visit – just talk to one of our Savvy team members.

Remember, invest in your hair as it the only crown that doesn’t come off