Savvy Hair Artistry itself emerged 9 years ago, but was bought by Taleah Pickering back in 2013. Since then, the salon has built up its reputation to be one of the best in Brisbane, not only due to their quality of work and very affordable prices – but because of the care and love they show each and every one of their clients.

With a highly experienced and attentive team at your service, Savvy Hair Artistry is renowned for providing first class pampering. Whether it’s the genuine care and compassion of a friendly chat while you get a style cut, or perhaps the complimentary wine and cheeseboard (yes – you read that right!) to get you through those longer visits, you leave not only looking fabulous but feeling amazing too. 

Flawless Customers Service Every client is treated with the same exceptional service.

Welcoming and Accessible – Our clients are our extended family that we treat with honest and integrity.

Professional – We are constantly training to improve our skills and keep up with the latest styles and trends.

Colours & foils in Brisbane

need a colour refresh?

Since 2013, our team at Savvy Hair Artistry has been providing a full range of hair colour and cutting services. If you’re looking for a refresh or to cover up some greys, we’ve got you covered with a full head of colour. Alternatively, if you’re looking to add depth and tone to your existing colour, foils might be the option for you. If you’re not sure what you’re after but you know you want a change, you can also speak to our qualified stylists about the best options to suit your complexion and style. Providing quality work at affordable prices, you can relax and unwind with a style cut that include a stress relieving massage, shampoo, condition and blow dry (and all that without even mentioning the complimentary wine and cheeseboard!). Get in touch with us today to see how we can bring your dream hairstyle to life.

Full Head Colour


At Savvy Hair Artistry, we can provide a full head of colour from roots to tips using permanent colour to cover greys, lift virgin hair, change depth, and tone or add shine to your hair. Permanent colour does require a fair bit of maintenance and upkeep compared to semi-permanent as regrowth is likely to be more noticeable. 

If you’ve been thinking about switching it up and trying a new colour but you’re not sure what will suit your complexion and style, our qualified stylists can recommend a shade that is perfect for you, from brunette to blonde, red to black or even a statement colour like greens and blues. 

We’ll also talk you through the effects and potential damages that hair colouring can cause and offer alternatives that are less damaging, higher quality and longer lasting than your supermarket box dye. Some other reasons why our clients choose a full head of colour include: 

  • Your cut is already trendy enough and you don’t want to overdo it with highlights.
  • You have more than 30% grey.
  • Your hair is extremely short and you’re looking for a change whilst maintaining your style.
  • You look better in warm, vibrant colours such as red.
  • You want to lift your base colour prior to adding highlights to help reduce contrast for an overall brighter and lighter look.
  • You want to add shine, cover grey or restore your colour.

Of course, when you get a full head of colour, you can still add other services to your appointment, such as highlights or foils. While you may want to change your colour up a little, you might not want to keep the one colour all over, which is where foils and highlights can come in handy for reducing contrast, adding warmth, or throwing in some depth and tone. When it comes to full head colour, the options are wide-ranging so bringing in photos of hair colours that you like (and don’t like) will help inform your stylist of your desired look.

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Woman with Blonde Hair after foils with Hairdresser in Brisbane



You may be wondering – what are foils in hair colouring and how do they differ from highlights? Hair colour foils are a way of lightening your hair using sheets of foil to separate pieces of hair while highlighting is often done with finer pieces of hair pulled through a cap to give you subtle highlights throughout the entire head of hair. 

The colour can be bright to add lift or it can be dark to tone down a few shades to soften out a colour. 

Some benefits of using foils on your hair are:

  • They keep lightener from being applied to too many strands of hair
  • Allows for a more controlled look
  • Trap heat to create a lighter result
  • Creates a multi-tonal look
  • Blends natural colour with lighter strands for easy regrowth
  • Can be used to create lowlights to add depth to dark hair

At Savvy Hair Artistry, we offer quarter, half and full head of foils. 1/4 head usually covers the area around the face for face framing, 1/2 head foils usually covers around the face and through the top section or halo of the head and a full head of foils covers the entire head, giving maximum coverage of colour. 

We also offer different types of foils including baby lights (very fine foils or weaves of hair to add subtle highlights, a soft sunkissed look), scattered foils (to add depth and lightness to give multi-dimensions to hairstyles) and slices (fine sections of hair giving a fine panel to colour). 

Foils are a great way to add colours to your hair without the commitment of a full-coverage colour. Speak to your stylists about the option to add foils to your next service.

Book your free colour consultation
Booking a consultation prior to your first colour appointment is not only important in terms of getting your skin test done to check for allergies or reactions (which needs to be applied at least 48 hours before your appointment), but it also gives the stylist some time to get to know you, your lifestyle, colour goals and desired maintenance levels. Our stylists will also be able to pick a colour for you that best suits your skin tone and eye colour. To book your free consultation with our team at Savvy Hair Artistry, call us today on (07) 3366 3385.

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