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Savvy Hair Artistry itself emerged 9 years ago, but was bought by Taleah Pickering back in 2013. Since then, the salon has built up its reputation to be one of the best in Brisbane, not only due to their quality of work and very affordable prices – but because of the care and love they show each and every one of their clients.

With a highly experienced and attentive team at your service, Savvy Hair Artistry is renowned for providing first class pampering. Whether it’s the genuine care and compassion of a friendly chat while you get a style cut, or perhaps the complimentary wine and cheeseboard (yes – you read that right!) to get you through those longer visits, you leave not only looking fabulous but feeling amazing too. 

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Hair extensions are an amazing way to transform your look fast. You can add length or create thicker, more luscious hair. They can also be used to add pops of highlights, lowlights and colour to your hair without using chemicals. The possibilities are truly endless when it comes to hair extensions. At Savvy Hair Artistry, we have partnered with Great Lengths Hair Extensions to provide our customers with 100% real, virgin, donated hair from Indian temples. Our team will also provide a complimentary consultation prior to your booking to ensure we pick the right colour, choose the best length and most of all, apply the type of extensions that will suit your style most. 

Hair Extension Types and Methods

When you’re looking for the best hair extensions in Brisbane, there are two types you should be looking at: tape extensions and keratin bonds.

Thanks to our partnership with Great Lengths Hair Extensions, we can apply keratin bonds with two different systems. The Great Lengths 3200 applicator tong is one of our favourites and is heated on one side at a temperature similar to the lowest setting of a curling iron which allows for a clean and precise application that is brushable, durable and, most importantly, non-damaging to your natural strands. Alternatively, we have the Great Lengths Ultrasonic Cold Fusion technology.

This wave or “vibration” action generates heat within the bond which allows the bond to surround each individual strand within the group of natural strands the bond is being attached to.

This means invisible points of attachment, best wearing comfort and high protection of the hair which makes it one of the most popular systems. Our tape extensions are less than half the size of most reusable tape systems on the market, making them harder to see.

They use Double Drawn hair which means that every hair in every bond is the same length. Tape extensions are also the same exemplary quality of 100% Remy Indian Hair ethically sourced from temples. 

Tapes are available in the largest selection of colours so your perfect colour match is guaranteed. The available lengths are 25cm, 35cm and 45cm.

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GHD Glide Hot Brush in Orchid Pink

How to Keep Your Hair Extensions Looking Good

Hair extensions are an investment in your self-confidence and style so we understand that you’ll want to keep them looking blended and natural between salon visits.

To do so, we recommend blow drying and styling your extensions. Letting hair extensions air dry can cause them to slip or become sticky, so blow drying will help them last much longer. 

High-quality products will also make a great investment to match the high-quality extensions you’ll receive from our team at Savvy Hair Artistry. Your hair extensions are also different from your own hair so they won’t respond the same way to your current range of products.

Natural, sulphate-free products are the best choice for hair extensions but if you have any questions, our team of hair stylists are always happy to walk you through them and even provide some product recommendations. 

Although this is one of the most common tips for caring for hair extensions, we can’t skip over it – put your hair up before you go to bed!

When you’ve got long hair extensions in, you may pull on them or get them knotted in your sleep so do everything you can to prevent it – our favourite choices are to wear a sleeping cap or braid your hair. It’s also important to take care of your scalp to avoid irritation and prevent your extensions from getting dirty and tangled. 

Book a Free Brisbane Hair Extension Consultation

Our team at Savvy Hair Artistry undergoes extensive training with models to ensure the best possible outcome when it comes to our clients. We want you to achieve your desired look, which is also why we partnered with Great Lengths Hair Extensions to provide the best quality hair extension in Brisbane. If you’re ready for a change, call our team today on (07) 3366 3385 to book a free hair extension consultation.  

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