Time to Get Your Glow On with This New Hair and Scalp Scrub by Kérastase

Look alive, ladies and gents! There’s a fabulous new hair treatment in town that you’re going to want to get your head around. I’m talking about the all-new exfoliating scalp and hair cleansers, the Fusio-Scrubs by Kérastase.

Certified to cleanse your hair as well as add instant shine and volume to your locks, this pampering treatment is a must-try on your next visit to the salon. It’s time to kiss that oily scalp, incessant dandruff and those dull lengths goodbye, and say hello to the new you!

Keep scrolling for a closer look at how this brilliant two-in-one treatment works and how you can get it done for free at Savvy.

What are the Kérastase Fusio-Scrubs?

Like most scalp cleansing scrubs, the Kérastase Fusio-Scrubs are designed to keep your scalp healthy and clean. As an exfoliant, the Fusio-Scrubs tackle the build-up of dead skin cells and excess oils that can make your hair feel greasy and dirty. This is a very effective way to control excessive dandruff and flake for a clear and clean head of hair.

The Fusio-Scrubs also work to remove impurities from your hair’s roots, with salicylic acid to break down dead skin cells and help to remove any product that has built up over time.

Along with cleansing the scalp, the Fusio-Scrubs also nourish it with vitamins and natural oils, promoting healthier growth and preventing dryness.

Of course, here comes the two-in-one!

As well as working to improve scalp health, the Kérastase Fusio-Scrubs also work their magic on your lengths. By removing dirt and pollutants along the hair fibres, the Fusio-Scrubs keep your hair healthy and full of shine.

For the ultimate hair and scalp nourishment, your Fusio-Scrub can also be mixed with just a few drops of a Kérastase essential oils blend. This evenly spreads the incredible natural properties of the essential oils throughout your hair and scalp, nourishing and protecting your roots and lengths alike.

Why you Should Try a Kérastase Fusio-Scrub

What makes the Fusio-Scrubs different is that they were designed with a new approach to hair care at heart.

Kérastase understands that hair care is similar to skincare in a lot of ways. Many of the same stressors and environmental pollutants that affect your skin in negative ways do the same to your hair.

That’s why the Fusio-Scrubs and essential oil blends target the roots of your haircare woes and work to protect your hair and scalp from harmful, toxic pollution.

The benefits of this innovative approach that inspired the Fusio-Scrubs can be felt even while you’re in the middle of your first cleansing scrub. Massaging the exfoliating particles into your scalp is stimulating and relaxing all at once, while the essential oils soothe the scalp and wash you in an uplifting aroma.

And it’s not just the experience of using a Fusio-Scrub that is a cut above your usual shampoo routine.

As soon as you’ve washed and rinsed you’ll see the benefits of cleansing with an exfoliant scrub. Think instant lift at the roots and bigger, better volume as a result.

What’s more, once you’ve added the Fusio-Scrub to your usual routine, you’ll see immediate improvements to hair shine along your lengths for brighter, more eye-catching highlights.

Finishing off your cleanse with a few drops of the essential oil blends along the lengths and tips of the hair also gives you the added benefit of hair nourishment and aromatic delight.

How to Get a Free Kérastase Hair Diagnostic and Fusio-Scrub in-Store

To help you get on board with this amazing innovation in haircare and find the perfect treatment regime for your hair, we’re offering our customers a free Kérastase hair diagnostic, followed by a luxurious Fusio-Scrub and essential oil treatment.

As a global leader in hair care, Kérastase has developed the ultimate high-tech tool to provide you with a personalised hair diagnosis. This handy tool is used to visually examine your scalp with a close-up, high-definition camera, so you can figure out exactly what your scalp and hair need to be their best.

All you need to do is buy three products, either in-store or online, and we’ll do the diagnostic and treatment for you, free of charge!

We’re so excited to experience the results of this innovative hair care treatment, and help every one of the fabulous Savvy fam get on their way to healthier hair today.

Come into the salon soon to score the deal, we can’t wait to see you

Taleah & the Savvy team xx