The 6 Most Iconic Haircuts of All Time

Keren Fedida

As with any beauty trend, hairstyles come and go.

To say that the ever-changing world of beauty makes it difficult to commit to a single style would be an understatement. More often than not, it’s easier to imply do nothing, and leave your hair as is. After all, what’s the point of making a change if you’re just going to be bored of it in a few weeks?

We’ve all been there: One month you’re chopping off your hair in favour of the sleek “long bob”, and six weeks later you’re kicking yourself for it, while ndlessly pinning pictures of long, curly locks.

And while the paradox of choice might make you feel like you don’t want to try something new, there is something to be said for actively channelling your personal style. Getting the perfect haircut can be confidence-boosting, empowering, and straight-up exciting.

If you want to make sure you get a cut you’ll still love in a few weeks, our number one suggestion is to go to the pros: Rather than trying to envision omething yourself, look at other haircuts to inspire you.

The most iconic haircuts of all time seem to stick around forever, and for good reason: They’re amazing. Inspired by the chicest celebs in recent memory, a few recognisable cuts have become perennially chic. Odds are, they’ll continue to remain popular for years to come.

Whether you’re a commitment-phobe, or simply haven’t found your signature style just yet, we think that starting with these iconic haircuts is the perfect jumping-off point. You can rest easy knowing that no matter what fads arise, your ‘do will look just as good in a few weeks (or years) as it does now.

If you want to opt for a universally popular style, keep reading to see some of the most iconic haircuts of all time. You just might find one that speaks to you.

Jennifer Aniston’s Long Layers

No matter what haircut she has, Jennifer Aniston always seems to pull it off.

A style and beauty chameleon in a way that most of us aren’t, Aniston somehow rocks every makeup look, outfit, and hairdo she tries. While we can’t all get her six-pack abs (sadly), there are other aspects we can emulate; her hair being one of them.

Thankfully, for fans of Jen’s style, her signature long layers are universally flattering. No matter your hair length or texture, long layers are easy to incorporate into any cut for added texture and movement.

Princess Diana’s Feathered Shag

Just like Lady Di herself, Princess Diana’s haircut defies all expectations. Somehow both feminine and relaxed, her signature haircut has inspired many a short-do throughout the decades.

Though the pixie-length cut doesn’t leave much hair to work with, it’s by no means a boring look. When styled properly, a short and layered haircut like Princess Diana’s can still lend itself to volume and drama.

One thing to consider before sitting in the styling chair is that your natural hair texture will play a large part in the way this cut comes to life. If you have coarse or curly hair, the style might look very different on you than it does on Diana’s relatively straight locks.

Mia Farrow’s Pixie Cut

Many hairdressers have agonised over perfecting the artfully imperfect pixie cut inspired by Mia Farrow. Messy and choppy with an uneven fringe, Farrow’s look somehow seems more chic than shabby.

As the story goes, Farrow did it herself, which explains the jagged shape of the resulting pixie. One day in 1966, while on the set of Peyton Place, the rising star took some shears to her long locks and the rest is history. Allegedly Frank Sinatra, her beau at the time, liked her hair short. And so it stayed!

This style works best for those with naturally straight and thin hair, but it can be adapted depending on your texture.

Bridgette Bardot’s Curtain Fringe

Who wouldn’t want to look like Bridgette Bardot?

France’s famous blonde bombshell has had an immeasurable effect on fashion, beauty, and general style since she first appeared on the cover of Elle Magazine in 1952.

Her iconic curtain fridge is having a comeback moment in 2021, and it’s easy to see why. Parted down the middle, styled nonchalantly, the curtain fringe is the perfect way to have a cut that’s easy to achieve while still looking fashionable. Requiring just a little attention it’s the perfect amount of style without seeming overdone.

Anna Wintour’s Bob

We would be remiss not to mention one of the most easily recognisable haircuts on this list: Anna Wintour’s bob.

With nary a stray hair, her blunt cut and perfectly combed fringe are as much a part of her identity as her oversized sunnies. Fittingly, one look at her perfectly shaped bob, and you can tell that this woman means business.

As the standing Editor in Chief of Vogue since 1988, Wintour’s influence has cemented the shaped bob as one of the essential fashion-girl haircuts of our times. To be honest, it’s hard to imagine her without perfectly styled hair, a fact that only adds to her to-the-point persona.

Inspired to opt for an iconic look? Taleah & the team are ready to transform you into a classic babe.

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