5 Tips for Protecting Your Hair this Summer

5 Tips for Protecting Your Hair this Summer

There’s no time like the summertime. Dreamy beach days, perfect weather, balmy nights on the town and plenty of time spent in the great outdoors…

But while all that sun and surf certainly makes you feel good on the inside, the summer can also be a tough time for hair. Oily roots, that uncontrollable frizz, washed-out colour and dry damaged ends are among the less glamorous aspects of summertime hair care, and something that many of us dread having to deal with.

Well, dread not, all you sun-soaked summer belles out there! With just a bit of proactive care and routine maintenance, you can be sure those perfect beachy waves and bouncy curls will be looking their best all summer long.

Read on for our hot tips on caring for your hair the right way this summer.

1. Deep Condition with a Hair Mask

Fighting the frizz can be a daunting task in the summer, especially for those with colour-treated hair. Between the sun’s harsher rays, chlorine and saltwater — oh my! — it’s almost inevitable that your hair will lose moisture and end up looking frizzy and washed-out.

That’s why a hair mask is a must-have for summer. This Multi-Tasking Deep-Conditioning Mask by Pureology is the perfect companion for those long, lazy days in the sun.

This rinse-out hair mask is great to use before a day outdoors, especially on colour-treated hair, as it protects against the ravages of summer, like harsh UV rays and excessive heat. It also works to restore your hair’s natural moisture and elasticity, making it the perfect pre-treatment and aftercare product, all in one, that will keep your hair shiny and silky smooth through the season.

2. Style Without Heat

Excessive heat is one of the most important things to avoid if you want your hair to love the summer as much as you. That means it’s time to ditch the hairdryers and straighteners for something a little more gentle.

But don’t fret! Your hair’s natural texture can and will be your ally this summer. Soleil Huile Sirène by Kérastase is the perfect heat-free styling solution to use during the warmer days of summer.

Lightweight and oh-so moisturising, this leave-in hybrid spray is here to grant volume and shine, enhancing your natural waves without the intense heat of a curling iron or blow-dry. And with infused coconut water and scents of jasmine, you can embrace your inner sirène and let your natural hair bewitch and bedazzle this summer.

3. Protect Your Hair

Just as your skin needs to stay protected in the summer sun, so does your hair. Whether you’re lounging in the sun all day, out for a stroll, or even walking to work, your hair is constantly exposed to the sun’s harmful UV rays. Too much of this and your hair can end up dried out and sun-faded. Not Ideal!

Pureology’s Style + Protect Beach Waves Sugar Spray ticks all the right boxes. This styling spray contains full-spectrum UVA/UVB sunscreen, as well as Pureology’s AntiFade Complex, which keeps the sun out and your colour in.

Unlike salt sprays, this sugarcane-based styling spray avoids the drying effect of salt crystals. Better yet, it’s effortless to apply! Just a spray and scrunch and it’s perfect beachy waves all summer long.

4. Wash Your Hair Less

Greasy roots are the bane of many a head’s summertime, especially for those with naturally oily hair. The warm weather certainly makes you sweat more than usual, and with this comes a more oily scalp, which flattens your roots and leaves your hair feeling heavy and dull at the best of times.

And while it sounds counter-intuitive, washing your hair too often in the summer can worsen the problem of oily hair, as it causes your scalp to produce excess sebum when stripped of its natural oils.

A premium quality dry shampoo like Fresh Affair by Kérastase is a great way to keep your hair fresh and perfectly balanced between washes. With a fragrant and grease-absorbing formula, this dry shampoo helps to create volume and shine without drying your scalp.

5. Use Hair Serum

There are plenty of things to look forward to when the sun is high in the sky and the days are long and warm. Coarse hair and dry ends are certainly not some of those things, but are an unfortunate reality during the summer, especially for colour-treated hair.

Hair serums are a great way to fight dry, damaged ends and enliven coarse hair during the summer, and a premium product like She Uemura’s Art of Style Shiki Worker Blow Dry Serum is perfect for the job.

Best used on damp hair instead of a blow-dry, this multipurpose styling serum hydrates and smooths your hair, while fighting frizz for that natural, radiant look. With the added benefit of enhancing shine and protecting colour, this serum is a must-have for the summer.

With these hot tips at the ready, summertime doesn’t have to be a hair nightmare anymore, despite all the challenges that the warm weather and sunshine brings. With a little proactive care and a lot of self-love, you can say goodbye to your hair worries and embrace your natural style.

If you need any advice about summer hair care or have any questions about the products we listed here, feel free to contact us or come in and chat for more info.

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Taleah & the Savvy team xx