The Ultimate Hair Care Christmas Wish List

The Ultimate Hair Care Christmas Wish List

PUBLIC SERVICE ALERT! If you can believe it, the year is almost over folks! This might come as a shock to most, coming off the back of a chaotic and uncertain couple of months.

Needless to say, there hasn’t been a lot of time to sort out gifts for those ‘special someones’ in our lives. And between winding down work or study and finally catching up with family and friends, those Christmas shopping days are seriously numbered!

So, whether you’re cruising into the holidays this year or you’re in a scramble to get everything together, these fabulous hair care Christmas gifts are sure to take the pressure off and make the end of the year a little bit smoother, silkier and shinier!

Read on for the ultimate hair care gift list for this Christmas!


I’m pretty sure that GHD is a household staple by this point. Unmatched in reliability, quality and effortless, chic style, GHD is essential hardware for anybody working with a luscious set of locks.

But did you know that the GHD line now boasts a cordless styler?

Meet GHD unplugged. Super sleek, high-tech and easy to use, this little baby gives up to 20 minutes of continuous styling time, on the go, anywhere in the world. The advanced lithium battery charges in just 2 hours, so you can plug it into your laptop, car or anywhere you find a suitable USB-C port.

This incredible on the go gift set is perfectly rounded out by the compact and powerful GHD flight hairdryer, mini paddle brush and an on the go mini bodyguard heat protect spray, as well as heat-resistant styler bag and travel case for the entire set.

This gift is a must-have for any stylish jet-setters in your life.