3 Simple Tips to Winter-Proof your Hair

3 Winter Tips

We love Winter. All the fashion, hot chocolate, and snuggling up under a blanket. But Winter doesn’t love our hair so much. The cold snap can also snap us into dull, dry, and frizzy hair – and quite frankly, it’s not our vibe.

So before you rug up to leave the house, follow our three hottest tips to keep your hair healthy in the cooler months.

Wash your hair less often

Although we live by washing our hair about once a week, in the cooler months we hope you do too. Or, if you’re used to wash your hair every day, switch to every other day. Just try adding a day or two to whatever works for you.

Extending time between washes can help keep your hair stronger and healthier in the winter months. Why? Well shampoo strips the natural oils from your hair, and these oils help keep your hair hydrated. Another way to help stay fresh between washes is to use our trusty old Dry Shampoo. Using dry shampoo will open up the hair shaft and bring life back to your hairstyle. As an added bonus, it’ll also keep your hair smelling delicious.

Hydrate. Hydrate. Hydrate.

Possibly the most important tip in Winter, is to hydrate. When your skin is drying out, you can bet your hair is too. There are so many ways to help maintain hydration, but we recommend committing to a weekly hair mask, adding oils, and upping your water intake.

Just like weekly face mask are essential for hydrated skin, so too are their hair counterpart. Choosing are hair mask that suits your hair type can do wonders for your locks during Winter. They can reverse the effects of drying, while leaving your hair protected, smooth, shiny, and hydrated. And at only 20 minutes a week, there’s no real reason not to add it to your routine.

Applying an oil-based hair treatment daily can help resort moisture when Winter wreaks havoc on your ends. Opting or a lightweight, leave-in formular with argan oil or a similar ingredient can revitalise dry, damaged ends.

And thirdly – drink a lot of water.
We know it sounds simple, but that’s because it is. Hydration starts from within. So to help your whole body – skin, scalp, and hair – stay healthy, plump, and strong , just turn to your tap and drink up nature’s goodness.

Put the heat stylers away

Let your straighter and dryer hibernate for the Winter. As tempting as it may be to tame frizz, regularly blow drying, straightening, or heat styling your hair will only make things worse. If your hair is already feeling fragile, using a hair dryer or styler will only further reduce moister levels and amplify damage. If you really have to use a hair dryer, we understand, but invest in a good thermal protectant. But otherwise, embrace your natural waves, curls, or style as much as possible. Your scalp and hair will love you for the extra gentle TLC.

Looking for the right products or tips for your specific hair type this Winter? Swing by our boutique and Taleah and the team will be able to help you protect and nourish your hair this Winter.

Can’t wait to see you xx
Taleah and the Savvy team.