The 8 Best Haircare Gifts for Every Budget

Christmas is just around the corner, and you know what that means . . . it’s time to start thinking about gifts!

Whether you’re hoping to build your own Christmas list or find the perfect haircare products to gift, we’ve got you covered. No matter how much you hope to spend on gifts this year, we’ve got some amazing picks that will make for beautiful, healthy hair this Christmas and beyond.

Let’s get into it!


The beauty basics up to $50

ghd Detangling Comb


Give the gift of tangle-free hair this Christmas with a detangling comb from the haircare experts at ghd. Specifically designed for wet hair, this comb has wide teeth for easy detangling and zero static.

GHD Detangling Comb

Kérastase Fresh Affair Dry Shampoo


We could all use a refresh from time to time, and there’s no easier way than with a spritz or two of dry shampoo. This formulation from Kérastase is one of the best in the game. On top of smelling amazing, thanks to its sparkling neroli scent, this dry shampoo will also work wonders for your hair. Vitamin E will protect your hair and scalp, while rice starch absorbs excess oil for a straight-from-the-salon look.

Kerastase Dry Shampoo


A little more for $50-$100

ghd Natural Bristle Radial Brush Size 4


Everyone needs a natural bristle brush, and this one from ghd comes in the perfect size for long locks. Ideal for blowouts, this bristle brush is a must-have for anyone who likes to style their hair. Best of all, the natural bristles mean that you get a shiny smooth finish every time. What could be better?

ghd natural bristle radial brush size 4 (55mm barrel)

Kérastase Potentialiste Hair & Scalp Serum


Don’t know what hair problems the gift recipient has? This serum from Kérastase is a universal problem-solver, making it the perfect solution – no matter what the problem. For sensitive, dry, and oily scalps alike, this serum has antioxidant properties to help defend against irritation, dryness, and discomfort.

Something extra special from $100-$200

L’Oreal Professionnel X Rebecca Vallance, Metal Detox Trio Pack


Did you know that metal gets inside the hair? Yep, it’s true – and it can have a big impact on how your hair looks and feels. The included shampoo gently rids your hair of metal, while the mask protects the hair from metal particles that enter your strands through water and can mess with your colour. Finally, the blow-dry fluidifier protects your hair and facilitates a healthy – and gorgeous – blow dry.

L'oreal Professional Metal Detox Trio

L’Oreal Professionnel Vitamino Colour Shampoo 1500ml & Conditioner 750ml Duo

From $90 – $110

Looking for a gift that keeps on giving? Sign up for a subscription of this amazing shampoo and conditioner duo. Guaranteed to leave your hair feeling soft, buying big bottles like these is the first step to perfect hair. Sign up now, and receive your pack once per year – and you’ll never have to worry about buying shampoo and conditioner again. If you’re interested, contact us to learn more.

Vitamino Colour


ghd Flight® Travel Hair Dryer Gift Set


Have a girl or guy that’s always on the go? Keep them looking sharp wherever their holiday plans take them with the ghd flight® travel hair dryer with protective case. For a salon quality blow dr that delivers 70% of the power of the ghd air® while being 50% lighter, it’s the ultimate travel buddy. Contact us to order.

Christmas only comes once a year right? Gifts from $200 to $500

Kérastase Spécifique Cure Anti-Chute


Give the gift of thicker, healthier hair with this set from Kérastase. Designed to inhibit hair loss, this kit works to reduce the rate of hair loss while simultaneously protecting against oxidative stress. This special serum has been clinically proven to leave hair stronger, thicker, and healthier than it was before.

Kerastase Specifique Cure Anti Chute

ghd, Platinum+ Hair Straightener in Champagne Gold


Introducing the holy grail of hair straighteners. If you’re considering gifting a straightener this year, you should consider this option. Thanks to ghd’s predictive technologies, this straightener creates the perfect styles every time. Best of all, the ultra-gloss coated plates sit at 185 degrees Celcius for maximum hold and minimal damage. This gorgeous gold straightener even comes in a red velvet case, perfect for Christmas!

GHD Platinum Gold Hair Straightener

We have a selection of these wonderful Christmas goodies and more in the salon, so pick up a present and a special treat for yourself too next time you visit.

Looking forward to seeing you for the silly season!

Taleah & the Savvy team xx

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5 Reasons to get into hair extensions now!

Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are a hot topic in hair styling — and for good reason! They can make a world of difference to any head of hair.

If you’ve been considering enlisting some help for your luscious locks to shine even brighter, you may have come across the option of hair extensions.

But what exactly can hair extensions do to enhance or change your regular look? To help you decide if they’re the right choice for you, we’ve put together a list of the best reasons to try hair extensions for yourself.

Change up your style

Savvy Hair Extentions

Itching for a new look? One of the best things about hair extensions is that they can transform your look in minutes. That means no more ‘awkward lengths’ or waiting for your hair to grow out to get the style you want.

We’re talking instant beachy waves and bouncy curls, whatever your natural hair length!

The hair extensions we proudly use — Great Lengths — are tape or keratin bond extensions made from natural human hair. So, once they’re in they can be styled in just about any way you’d style your own hair.

They’re also available in a range of lengths and a whole spectrum of tones. That way, you can pick out a set of extensions that subtly enhance your natural look, or go big with an eye-catching ombré or two-tone style.

What’s even better is that you can change up your style 100% guilt free. We’ve purposefully chosen to use Great Lengths hair extensions because they are sourced with donor consent, with money going back into the communities. It’s a win win.

Volume for days

Savvy Hair Extensions

Hair extensions can make a world of difference in the volume department. Just a handful of well-fitted tapes can turn even the thinnest and most delicate heads of hair into a vivacious mane.

The secret to enjoying the volume-enhancing powers of hair extensions for yourself is pretty simple. You need high-quality, natural hair extensions and an experienced hand to fit them.

Great Lengths hair extension tapes have a modular design, so they sit naturally and fall with the rest of your hair. That means your extensions will be seamlessly integrated into your hair, whether you wear it free and flowing or in a thick, swishing ponytail.

Savvy Hair ExtensionsAnd because the Great Lengths hair is from Indian Temple hair, it has a gorgeous natural wave, giving immediate body to thin, or lifeless hair.

While high-quality hair extensions are almost always made from real human hair, the best out there are known as remy hair. This is hair that is cut directly from a donor, rather than collected after it falls, which means all the cuticles face the same direction as your natural hair. And you guessed it, Great Lengths ticks all those boxes.

The benefit of this level of quality and care is that your remy extensions blend naturally into your own hair, maintain the same shine and will stay silky smooth much longer than lower-quality extensions.

Because they’re made from virgin hair, remy hair extensions can also be dyed, tinted and chemically treated the same as your own hair. Great Lengths offers remy hair extensions in an enormous range of tints to match your natural colour, as well as some more specialised options to throw some highlights and depth to your style. And with over 100 natural colours to choose from, you know you’ll find exactly the match you’re looking for.

Long-lasting and low maintenance

Savvy Hair Extensions

High-quality hair extensions certainly are volume, length and style on-demand, but that doesn’t mean they just play for a day. If you look after them well, Great Lengths hair extensions can last between 4-6 months thanks to the keratin bonds on the natural hair.

What’s more, caring for your hair extensions couldn’t be simpler. Since they’re made from real human hair, you look after them pretty much exactly how you would your own hair. So beautiful damage-free hair is yours for almost 6 months, without high maintenance.

Safe and easy to wear

High-quality tape hair extensions can be used on most natural hair types. As long as your hair is healthy and at least more than 5cm in length, you’re eligible for a total style transformation!

They’re also perfectly safe to use and won’t damage your hair when they’re skillfully applied by an experienced professional.

Once they’re in, tape hair extensions can handle just about anything that you’d put your normal hair through — whether you’re swimming regularly, exercising every day or enjoying the sauna every now and then.

So, think hair extensions might be the right choice for your next style upgrade? Drop in for a consultation and we can help you decide what works best for you.

Taleah & the Savvy team xx

Book an appointment or call us on 07 3366 3385.


Time to Get Your Glow On with This New Hair and Scalp Scrub by Kérastase

Look alive, ladies and gents! There’s a fabulous new hair treatment in town that you’re going to want to get your head around. I’m talking about the all-new exfoliating scalp and hair cleansers, the Fusio-Scrubs by Kérastase.

Certified to cleanse your hair as well as add instant shine and volume to your locks, this pampering treatment is a must-try on your next visit to the salon. It’s time to kiss that oily scalp, incessant dandruff and those dull lengths goodbye, and say hello to the new you!

Keep scrolling for a closer look at how this brilliant two-in-one treatment works and how you can get it done for free at Savvy.

What are the Kérastase Fusio-Scrubs?

Like most scalp cleansing scrubs, the Kérastase Fusio-Scrubs are designed to keep your scalp healthy and clean. As an exfoliant, the Fusio-Scrubs tackle the build-up of dead skin cells and excess oils that can make your hair feel greasy and dirty. This is a very effective way to control excessive dandruff and flake for a clear and clean head of hair.

The Fusio-Scrubs also work to remove impurities from your hair’s roots, with salicylic acid to break down dead skin cells and help to remove any product that has built up over time.

Along with cleansing the scalp, the Fusio-Scrubs also nourish it with vitamins and natural oils, promoting healthier growth and preventing dryness.

Of course, here comes the two-in-one!

As well as working to improve scalp health, the Kérastase Fusio-Scrubs also work their magic on your lengths. By removing dirt and pollutants along the hair fibres, the Fusio-Scrubs keep your hair healthy and full of shine.

For the ultimate hair and scalp nourishment, your Fusio-Scrub can also be mixed with just a few drops of a Kérastase essential oils blend. This evenly spreads the incredible natural properties of the essential oils throughout your hair and scalp, nourishing and protecting your roots and lengths alike.

Why you Should Try a Kérastase Fusio-Scrub

What makes the Fusio-Scrubs different is that they were designed with a new approach to hair care at heart.

Kérastase understands that hair care is similar to skincare in a lot of ways. Many of the same stressors and environmental pollutants that affect your skin in negative ways do the same to your hair.

That’s why the Fusio-Scrubs and essential oil blends target the roots of your haircare woes and work to protect your hair and scalp from harmful, toxic pollution.

The benefits of this innovative approach that inspired the Fusio-Scrubs can be felt even while you’re in the middle of your first cleansing scrub. Massaging the exfoliating particles into your scalp is stimulating and relaxing all at once, while the essential oils soothe the scalp and wash you in an uplifting aroma.

And it’s not just the experience of using a Fusio-Scrub that is a cut above your usual shampoo routine.

As soon as you’ve washed and rinsed you’ll see the benefits of cleansing with an exfoliant scrub. Think instant lift at the roots and bigger, better volume as a result.

What’s more, once you’ve added the Fusio-Scrub to your usual routine, you’ll see immediate improvements to hair shine along your lengths for brighter, more eye-catching highlights.

Finishing off your cleanse with a few drops of the essential oil blends along the lengths and tips of the hair also gives you the added benefit of hair nourishment and aromatic delight.

How to Get a Free Kérastase Hair Diagnostic and Fusio-Scrub in-Store

To help you get on board with this amazing innovation in haircare and find the perfect treatment regime for your hair, we’re offering our customers a free Kérastase hair diagnostic, followed by a luxurious Fusio-Scrub and essential oil treatment.

As a global leader in hair care, Kérastase has developed the ultimate high-tech tool to provide you with a personalised hair diagnosis. This handy tool is used to visually examine your scalp with a close-up, high-definition camera, so you can figure out exactly what your scalp and hair need to be their best.

All you need to do is buy three products, either in-store or online, and we’ll do the diagnostic and treatment for you, free of charge!

We’re so excited to experience the results of this innovative hair care treatment, and help every one of the fabulous Savvy fam get on their way to healthier hair today.

Come into the salon soon to score the deal, we can’t wait to see you

Taleah & the Savvy team xx

Win a trip to Paris with L’Oréal Metal Detox

Listen up Savvy Hair fam, there’s never been a better time to get your colour under control. And we mean NEVER.

Right now, one of our most loved hair care brands, L’Oréal, is giving away the trip of a lifetime, and all you need to do to enter the competition is — well — get your hair done. Pretty good deal, no?

By treating yourself to a treatment powered by L’Oréal’s Metal Detox line, you can enter the drawing to win an eight-day, seven-night trip to the city of lights: Paris! Included in the prize pack are a return flight, Trafalgar’s Paris Explorer tour, accommodation, sightseeing, transport, and some meals.

If you have yet to get into the habit of routine salon visits — which we think are necessary, by the way — hopefully the offer of this trip can provide some much-needed motivation to tend to your luscious locks. All you have to do is come in and get a treatment featuring the Metal Detox line, between April 11th and June 5th, and before you know it you could be packing your bags for Paris.

The best part of the competition? Everyone wins.

Even if you aren’t one of the lucky four winners to receive the grand prize, we happen to think that treating your hair to some extra TLC is a prize in itself. Read on to find out why we love the brand, and scroll down to the end for a few more competition details.

L’Oréal’s Metal Detox Line

Did you know that there might be metal in your hair? Yep, it’s a thing — and while it’s typically not damaging to your health, it does become a problem when colouring, balayage or lightening are a typical part of your hair regimen. And while metal is found in hair all over the world, about 44% of people in Australia have excessive metal in their hair, according to L’Oréal.

But how does this impact your hair? And what can be done about it?

Thankfully, the answers to these questions are pretty straightforward. Metal in hair fibres can make the colouring process unstable, which in turn can yield less than ideal results when dying or highlighting. While it might sound like a big deal (and a big effort) to prevent this, L’Oréal has developed the Metal Detox Line around a singular molecule which can get the job done: Glicoamine.

Small enough to penetrate and neutralise metals within hair fibres, this hero ingredient can give you the promise of perfect colour. Every time.

What Is The Treatment?

While L’Oréal does offer an at-home protocol, it’s always best to get some advice from your trusted hair experts first. Us 😉

Not to mention, a visit to Savvy for this purpose will enter you into the draw for the Paris trip, so why not?

In-salon, the treatment protocol consists of three steps to neutralise, clean, and protect your strands, no matter what heavy metals they might encounter. And the results speak for themselves.

Among the many common praises sung by thousands of hairdressers worldwide who’ve adopted the protocol, the greatest takeaway is that it just makes colour better.

And while that may seem like a simple feat, anyone who’s ever walked out of the salon with a less-than-perfect colour knows what a big deal that is. One major frustration for colourists is facing a situation where the colour itself won’t comply due to compounds in the hair. Safe to say, this 3-step process erases that problem.

The colour, the shine, the tone — it all looks better following the metal detox protocol.

Competition Details

To get the chance to win the swoon-worthy trip to Paris, simply come to Savvy Hair and make sure that the Metal Detox protocol is included in your service.

If you’re not one of the lucky two salon-goers to win the trip, you will also have a chance to win minor prizes such as a year’s worth of colour services at Savvy Hair or one year’s worth of Serie Expert Haircare.

Full details can be found in the images below. We can’t wait to see you soon — and we’ve got our fingers crossed!

If you’d like to schedule an appointment, click here to check our availability and make a booking.

See you soon!
Taleah and the Savvy team xx

Looking Back on Three Years of Savvy

It’s three years now into Savvy’s new phase of life, and what a wild ride it’s been!

Between the crippling COVID lockdowns, TikTok hair trends becoming a thing and the revival of iconic 2000s styles (mini braids, anyone?), to say things are a bit different now would be the understatement of the year.

And while so much has changed over these last few wild years, at Savvy we’ve stayed committed to providing Brisbane with the best blowouts, bouncy curls and beachy locks around.

Keep scrolling for a closer look at how far we’ve come in these three years and what’s in store for Savvy’s future.

Getting Savvy!

If you’re a Brisbane local, you may already know that the Savvy name didn’t come to life just three years ago. The salon has been a fixture in sunny Ashgrove for almost a decade, proudly trimming, curling and styling for the city’s most discerning, fashionable clientele.

In March 2019, however, Savvy was given a new lease on life. With a sleek new face and salon-wide renovations over the past three years, this already much-loved name in Brisbane hairstyling has been taken to the next level.

The Old Savvy

The New Savvy

The brighter, more open and elegant interior represents the values that have come to define the new phase of Savvy’s life. Welcoming, professional service that keeps far ahead of the curve.

But the sleek interior update is just a small part of how much Savvy has grown over the last few years.

What’s Changed

 Savvy Online

On top of the physical improvements that have taken place at Savvy, a whole lot of digital work has gone into making the salon one of Brisbane’s best.

With a fresh, exciting social media face, digital presence and Instagram to showcase our skills, Savvy has well and truly become a trend-setter and tastemaker in the Brisbane scene.

And as much as we love a good chat on the phone or email thread, our website’s new online booking system and app have made it so much easier for our clients to make appointments, update their details and stay on top of the latest news in hair.

Savvy to Your Door

Along with entering the social media age, Savvy also opened an online store since rebranding where we stock many of the incredible hair products and styling tools that we proudly use in the salon.

Since opening our online store, Savvy has also begun offering a series of curated subscription-style beauty boxes filled with your favourite high-end brands like Kerastase, Pureology and Serie.

These subscription boxes bring some of the lavish treatments we offer in-salon right home to you, as we arrange the delivery of these boxes as well as the products in our online store to be delivered to your door.

Savvy People

Of all the amazing ways Savvy has grown over the past three years, we’re most proud of the wonderful people that have helped build the salon’s well-earned reputation over the years.

With talented, passionate people who live and breathe hairstyling, our fabulous team can take on any challenge. Whether it’s a home hair-dye gone wrong, or styling one of our clients for the happiest day of their life, our team has got it under wraps.

Savvy has also been blessed to have worked with Warren, an incredible stylist and integral part of the Savvy family, who sadly passed away in 2020 Warren’s unforgettable spirit and amazing contributions to the salon have made Savvy a place we are all so proud of today.

What’s Next

Through all of the highs and lows of the last few years, Savvy has persisted and grown into one of Brisbane’s most highly regarded hair salons. We are forever grateful for the many fabulous people in the Savvy family who have made the journey possible so far.

With so many exciting new developments in the pipeline and many more stories and good times to share with you, we can’t wait to see where the next three years will take us, and hope you all come along for the wonderful ride it will be.

Love always,

Taleah & the Savvy Team xx

The Ultimate Hair Care Christmas Wish List

The Ultimate Hair Care Christmas Wish List

PUBLIC SERVICE ALERT! If you can believe it, the year is almost over folks! This might come as a shock to most, coming off the back of a chaotic and uncertain couple of months.

Needless to say, there hasn’t been a lot of time to sort out gifts for those ‘special someones’ in our lives. And between winding down work or study and finally catching up with family and friends, those Christmas shopping days are seriously numbered!

So, whether you’re cruising into the holidays this year or you’re in a scramble to get everything together, these fabulous hair care Christmas gifts are sure to take the pressure off and make the end of the year a little bit smoother, silkier and shinier!

Read on for the ultimate hair care gift list for this Christmas!


I’m pretty sure that GHD is a household staple by this point. Unmatched in reliability, quality and effortless, chic style, GHD is essential hardware for anybody working with a luscious set of locks.

But did you know that the GHD line now boasts a cordless styler?

Meet GHD unplugged. Super sleek, high-tech and easy to use, this little baby gives up to 20 minutes of continuous styling time, on the go, anywhere in the world. The advanced lithium battery charges in just 2 hours, so you can plug it into your laptop, car or anywhere you find a suitable USB-C port.

This incredible on the go gift set is perfectly rounded out by the compact and powerful GHD flight hairdryer, mini paddle brush and an on the go mini bodyguard heat protect spray, as well as heat-resistant styler bag and travel case for the entire set.

This gift is a must-have for any stylish jet-setters in your life.

5 Tips for Protecting Your Hair this Summer

5 Tips for Protecting Your Hair this Summer

There’s no time like the summertime. Dreamy beach days, perfect weather, balmy nights on the town and plenty of time spent in the great outdoors…

But while all that sun and surf certainly makes you feel good on the inside, the summer can also be a tough time for hair. Oily roots, that uncontrollable frizz, washed-out colour and dry damaged ends are among the less glamorous aspects of summertime hair care, and something that many of us dread having to deal with.

Well, dread not, all you sun-soaked summer belles out there! With just a bit of proactive care and routine maintenance, you can be sure those perfect beachy waves and bouncy curls will be looking their best all summer long.

Read on for our hot tips on caring for your hair the right way this summer.

1. Deep Condition with a Hair Mask

Fighting the frizz can be a daunting task in the summer, especially for those with colour-treated hair. Between the sun’s harsher rays, chlorine and saltwater — oh my! — it’s almost inevitable that your hair will lose moisture and end up looking frizzy and washed-out.

That’s why a hair mask is a must-have for summer. This Multi-Tasking Deep-Conditioning Mask by Pureology is the perfect companion for those long, lazy days in the sun.

This rinse-out hair mask is great to use before a day outdoors, especially on colour-treated hair, as it protects against the ravages of summer, like harsh UV rays and excessive heat. It also works to restore your hair’s natural moisture and elasticity, making it the perfect pre-treatment and aftercare product, all in one, that will keep your hair shiny and silky smooth through the season.

2. Style Without Heat

Excessive heat is one of the most important things to avoid if you want your hair to love the summer as much as you. That means it’s time to ditch the hairdryers and straighteners for something a little more gentle.

But don’t fret! Your hair’s natural texture can and will be your ally this summer. Soleil Huile Sirène by Kérastase is the perfect heat-free styling solution to use during the warmer days of summer.

Lightweight and oh-so moisturising, this leave-in hybrid spray is here to grant volume and shine, enhancing your natural waves without the intense heat of a curling iron or blow-dry. And with infused coconut water and scents of jasmine, you can embrace your inner sirène and let your natural hair bewitch and bedazzle this summer.

3. Protect Your Hair

Just as your skin needs to stay protected in the summer sun, so does your hair. Whether you’re lounging in the sun all day, out for a stroll, or even walking to work, your hair is constantly exposed to the sun’s harmful UV rays. Too much of this and your hair can end up dried out and sun-faded. Not Ideal!

Pureology’s Style + Protect Beach Waves Sugar Spray ticks all the right boxes. This styling spray contains full-spectrum UVA/UVB sunscreen, as well as Pureology’s AntiFade Complex, which keeps the sun out and your colour in.

Unlike salt sprays, this sugarcane-based styling spray avoids the drying effect of salt crystals. Better yet, it’s effortless to apply! Just a spray and scrunch and it’s perfect beachy waves all summer long.

4. Wash Your Hair Less

Greasy roots are the bane of many a head’s summertime, especially for those with naturally oily hair. The warm weather certainly makes you sweat more than usual, and with this comes a more oily scalp, which flattens your roots and leaves your hair feeling heavy and dull at the best of times.

And while it sounds counter-intuitive, washing your hair too often in the summer can worsen the problem of oily hair, as it causes your scalp to produce excess sebum when stripped of its natural oils.

A premium quality dry shampoo like Fresh Affair by Kérastase is a great way to keep your hair fresh and perfectly balanced between washes. With a fragrant and grease-absorbing formula, this dry shampoo helps to create volume and shine without drying your scalp.

5. Use Hair Serum

There are plenty of things to look forward to when the sun is high in the sky and the days are long and warm. Coarse hair and dry ends are certainly not some of those things, but are an unfortunate reality during the summer, especially for colour-treated hair.

Hair serums are a great way to fight dry, damaged ends and enliven coarse hair during the summer, and a premium product like She Uemura’s Art of Style Shiki Worker Blow Dry Serum is perfect for the job.

Best used on damp hair instead of a blow-dry, this multipurpose styling serum hydrates and smooths your hair, while fighting frizz for that natural, radiant look. With the added benefit of enhancing shine and protecting colour, this serum is a must-have for the summer.

With these hot tips at the ready, summertime doesn’t have to be a hair nightmare anymore, despite all the challenges that the warm weather and sunshine brings. With a little proactive care and a lot of self-love, you can say goodbye to your hair worries and embrace your natural style.

If you need any advice about summer hair care or have any questions about the products we listed here, feel free to contact us or come in and chat for more info.

Look forward to seeing you soon

Taleah & the Savvy team xx

How to Keep Your Blonde Bright Between Visits

How to Keep Your Blonde Bright Between Visits

All not-so-natural blondes know the pain of keeping your colour fresh between salon visits. While the easiest option is to simply wait for weeks to pass until your next appointment, the resulting look of your hair isn’t always the best.

The good news: Taking care of your blonde locks doesn’t have to be difficult. If you know what to do, you’ll find that a few small changes can leave your hair looking fresher, longer.

Here are our top tips for keeping your blonde bright between appointments. You’ll never have that dreaded last week of grown-out roots again.

5 Tips for Maintaining Blonde Hair Between Salon Visits

1. Use a Toning Shampoo and Conditioner

The most important — and perhaps the easiest — thing you can do to keep your blonde hair bright is to use a toning shampoo and conditioner. With a purple hue, toning shampoos help neutralise and yellow or brassy undertones, helping to extend the lifespan of your colour. If you’ve ever found that your cool-tone blonde turns yellow after a few weeks, toning shampoo and conditioner are the answers to your problems.

Our favourite toning shampoo-conditioner-duo comes from Kérastase. The premium line’s Blond Absolu Bain Ultra-Violet Purple Shampoo and Masque comes in a rich purple colour, which helps extend and maintain your colour’s lifespan. Not to mention, both the shampoo and conditioner are full of good-for-hair ingredients like hyaluronic acid for hydration and edelweiss flower for protection.

2.Protect Your Colour

Another great way to help your blonde colour stay bright between salon visits is to use products that protect your hair’s colour. Pureology’s Colour Fanatic 21 in 1 Spray is a great easy option, as it simultaneously protects your colour while encouraging healthy hair all around. This multi-purpose spray helps seal your hair’s cuticles, prevents split ends, and protects against colour fade, all while working as a spray-in detangler. Talk about a dream product!

Another favourite of ours is  L’Oreal Professionelle’s Vitamino Colour 10-in-1 Spray. Much like the Pureology spray, this one serves several purposes all with the ease of a few easy spritzes. Applying this spray as a detangler or using it before a blow-dry will help your colour last longer while helping defrizz your hair.

3.Keep Your Hair Hydrated and Healthy

As a general rule of thumb, the healthier your hair is, the better the colour will last. Especially after colouring your hair, it’s important to make sure you keep it hydrated and healthy. Blonde can be especially damaging to hair, so to avoid brittle locks, always aim to use a hydrating mask at least once per week between salon visits. We always recommend the Pureology Color Fanatic Multi-Tasking Deep-Conditioning Mask, since it’s specifically formulated for coloured hair.

In just a few minutes, this rich hair cream will leave your locks looking better than ever before. Just a small amount will leave your hair smooth and soft. In addition to locking in moisture, this mask also helps strengthen your hair for long-term results.

4.Wear Your Hair Wavy

At the end of the day, your roots will always grow out. And while there are ways to prevent it from looking too bad, sometimes you’ve just got to work with it.

If you’re overdue for an appointment, our suggestion is to wear your hair wavy until you can get your colour touched up. While sleek styles show obvious roots, more textured styles do a better job at hiding and blending colour differences. In addition to following the above steps, opting for a wavy hairstyle between salon visits may extend how long you can go before getting a colour touch up.

If you want to keep things simple, you won’t want to pass up Pureology’s Style + Protect Beach Waves Sugar Spray. Simply apply it to damp hair, scrunch, and let it dry. You’ll be rocking a carefree beachy look that helps to hide your darker roots. Unlike salt sprays, this sugar spray won’t dry out your hair, but rather leave it feeling smooth and soft.

If you like your hair more styled, the Shu Uemura Art of Style Wata Wav Texturizing Spray will be your new best friend. Similar to the sugar spray, this texturising spray will keep your hair in a wavy style to help hide un-blended roots. This texturising spray is best applied after a blow-dry to help achieve a textured, wavy look. This buildable spray not only helps your style last longer, but also extends the lifespan of your blowdry. With this spray, your wavy blowout will stay in place all night long, with no risk of flattening.

Now that you know how to keep your blonde hair looking good between salon appointments, you can turn away from the temptation of box dye. While getting your hair coloured is always an exciting experience, the day-to-day upkeep is really what makes your hair shine. If you’re already investing the time and money into your colour, it makes sense to go the extra mile to help it look the best it possibly can.

If you have any questions about the products we listed here, or want more advice, feel free to contact us or come in and chat for more info.

Look forward to seeing you soon xx
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6 Supplements to Take for Longer, Healthier Hair

6 Supplements to Take for Longer, Healthier Hair

It’s the age-old dream: To have long, luscious hair, the likes of which Rapunzel would envy.

While it may sound like an easy feat, anyone who has tried to grow their hair knows that it’s anything but simple. As if it weren’t already difficult enough to stay patient and simply wait for growth, many other factors only add frustration to the process.

But there is hope.

Whether your hair thins as it lengthens or simply won’t grow, there are solutions. Though there are many factors at play in determining your hair health, it seems that there is a supplement to counter every underlying problem that may be holding you back.

Keep scrolling to see a few of the top-rated hair health & growth supplements, so you can get your growth on!


6 Top-Rated Hair Health & Growth Supplements


JS Health Vitamins, Hair + Energy Formula

With over 9,000 positive reviews, it’s safe to say that JS Health Vitamins’ Hair + Energy Formula is a fan-favourite. Formulated with Iodine, which originates from Zinc and the brand’s signature kelp, these capsules support hair growth and overall energy levels.

According to the brand, their signature JSHealthKelp contains two key ingredients which make this a superpower supplement: fucoidan and marine polyphenols. “​​These extracts are known to promote growth factors specifically connected to the hair cycle. Research shows that supplementing with kelp extracts helps to promote hair health.”

What Reviewers Say:

“I bought the hair & energy table after losing weight and also losing my hair! Only 30 days in and I can see a HUGE difference! My hair is healthy again, I can see new growth and just can’t believe how quick it’s improved my hair! My energy has picked up too! Have ordered some others to try now and can’t wait to see the difference they make!” – Kristie D.


Viviscal, Maximum Strength Supplement for Women

For those looking to improve length and thickness specifically, these capsules from Viviscal might provide a solution. Like the JS Health Vitamins supplements, Viviscals’ supplement is also formulated with a proprietary marine protein complex. Unlike JS Health’s vegan-friendly version, these contain fish products, a key ingredient in their AminoMar C formula.

For best results, it is recommended to take two tablets daily for three to six months, but the wait time seems worth it. Several reviewers have dedicated years to this supplement and swear by it for better hair.

What Reviewers Say:

“Excellent product, have been taking it for 3 months and the difference to my hair is unbelievable. Lots of new hair growth and my natural colour is returning, Everyone is complimenting me on how lovely my hair looks.” – LINDAFIND


Hum, Hair Sweet Hair Gummies

Not only do these supplements come in a delightful gummy form, but they’re also jam-packed with hair promoting ingredients. These vegan gummies taste like candy and contain biotin and folic acid to strengthen your locks while supporting future growth.

These supplements are especially great for anyone who feels a little bit uneasy about popping pills. The gummies make it easy, and Hum is extremely transparent, so you can rest assured that there are no funky additives. “We formulate with clinically proven nutrients and source with great care,” the brand’s website states. “Every ingredient is meticulously tested to ensure that all of our supplements are pure, potent and effective.”

What Reviewers Say:

“This really WORKS! Due to poor diet, stress, and unbalanced hormones…I was losing LOTS of hair daily and I started seeing a lot of grey hairs. It was really concerning me. After taking Hair Sweet Hair for 3 months now, I’m barely shedding any hair and I noticed so many new growths. Thankfully the new growth isn’t grey hairs! My hair feels fuller and looks so much better!” – Minh


Vital Proteins, Hair Boost

If you’re on Instagram, you’ve probably heard of the wildly popular new-age supplement brand, Vital Proteins. Always ahead of the curve, it’s no surprise that Vital Proteins’ Hair Boost formula is among the best out there.

The plant-based capsules contain a wide array of good-for-hair vitamins including A, B6, B12, C & E. On top of that, the capsules pack a biotin punch, which means extra support for your hair, skin, and nails. Added organic Ashwagandha also helps to fight fatigue and stress, which can take a toll on hair growth. If you’re looking for something to provide an overall beauty boost, these supplements are a great choice.

What Reviewers Say:

I have been using this for a couple of months now and it definitely works. Not only has my hair grown, I have noticed it feels thicker and falls out less. I’m not sure but it could also be contributing to the fact that I haven’t gotten any big pimples like I normally do. I will not stop using.” – Sami


AÉDE, Hair Activist

If you’re a sucker for aesthetic packaging, you’re going to love these supplements. But it’s not all about the looks! Beyond the beautiful bottle, AÉDE’s special formula is “designed to support natural, healthy hair growth, boost collagen production and reduce free radical damage.”

With key ingredients including marine cartilage, biotin and selenium, it’s clear that these capsules were formulated with the best beauty intentions in mind. AÉDE is also an Australian-owned brand, perfect if you’re looking to support local businesses.

What Reviewers Say:

“Definitely can see the difference in my hair from 6 months of using Aéde. I had terrible damage from dying my hair platinum blonde and adding long extensions, but these supplements have helped to restore it to former glory! It is shiny, longer and thicker than it has been in years. Can’t believe the transformation!” – Alexandra S.


Grown Alchemist, Hair Complex

Grown Alchemist is another local beauty brand that has achieved greatness when it comes to hair supplements. A favourite amongst celebrities, this Melbourne-based clean beauty brand is changing the game.

These Hair Complex supplements are no exception to the Grown Alchemist’s consistently impressive offerings. Containing biotin, silica and riboflavin, these capsules are “formulated to support the body’s tissue repair process and provide the building block for healthy hair growth and repair.”

What Reviewers Say:

“I bought this product few weeks ago and I have been using it for about 20 days now (every day). I can see already my hair is growing much faster and it looks so much healthier. I am about to buy this product for the second, I really recommend it if you are looking for a product to help your hair to be healthy.” – biancaG87

Of course, what works for someone else might not work for you, so make sure to review each option carefully and check with a medical professional beforehand if necessary. Hopefully, one of these supplements can lead on the path to better hair.

Growth doesn’t happen overnight, so check out our tips for making your short, fine hair more voluminous in the meantime.

Looking forward to seeing you soon in Savvy,

Taleah & the team xx

The 6 Most Iconic Haircuts of All Time

Keren Fedida

As with any beauty trend, hairstyles come and go.

To say that the ever-changing world of beauty makes it difficult to commit to a single style would be an understatement. More often than not, it’s easier to imply do nothing, and leave your hair as is. After all, what’s the point of making a change if you’re just going to be bored of it in a few weeks?

We’ve all been there: One month you’re chopping off your hair in favour of the sleek “long bob”, and six weeks later you’re kicking yourself for it, while ndlessly pinning pictures of long, curly locks.

And while the paradox of choice might make you feel like you don’t want to try something new, there is something to be said for actively channelling your personal style. Getting the perfect haircut can be confidence-boosting, empowering, and straight-up exciting.

If you want to make sure you get a cut you’ll still love in a few weeks, our number one suggestion is to go to the pros: Rather than trying to envision omething yourself, look at other haircuts to inspire you.

The most iconic haircuts of all time seem to stick around forever, and for good reason: They’re amazing. Inspired by the chicest celebs in recent memory, a few recognisable cuts have become perennially chic. Odds are, they’ll continue to remain popular for years to come.

Whether you’re a commitment-phobe, or simply haven’t found your signature style just yet, we think that starting with these iconic haircuts is the perfect jumping-off point. You can rest easy knowing that no matter what fads arise, your ‘do will look just as good in a few weeks (or years) as it does now.

If you want to opt for a universally popular style, keep reading to see some of the most iconic haircuts of all time. You just might find one that speaks to you.

Jennifer Aniston’s Long Layers

No matter what haircut she has, Jennifer Aniston always seems to pull it off.

A style and beauty chameleon in a way that most of us aren’t, Aniston somehow rocks every makeup look, outfit, and hairdo she tries. While we can’t all get her six-pack abs (sadly), there are other aspects we can emulate; her hair being one of them.

Thankfully, for fans of Jen’s style, her signature long layers are universally flattering. No matter your hair length or texture, long layers are easy to incorporate into any cut for added texture and movement.

Princess Diana’s Feathered Shag

Just like Lady Di herself, Princess Diana’s haircut defies all expectations. Somehow both feminine and relaxed, her signature haircut has inspired many a short-do throughout the decades.

Though the pixie-length cut doesn’t leave much hair to work with, it’s by no means a boring look. When styled properly, a short and layered haircut like Princess Diana’s can still lend itself to volume and drama.

One thing to consider before sitting in the styling chair is that your natural hair texture will play a large part in the way this cut comes to life. If you have coarse or curly hair, the style might look very different on you than it does on Diana’s relatively straight locks.

Mia Farrow’s Pixie Cut

Many hairdressers have agonised over perfecting the artfully imperfect pixie cut inspired by Mia Farrow. Messy and choppy with an uneven fringe, Farrow’s look somehow seems more chic than shabby.

As the story goes, Farrow did it herself, which explains the jagged shape of the resulting pixie. One day in 1966, while on the set of Peyton Place, the rising star took some shears to her long locks and the rest is history. Allegedly Frank Sinatra, her beau at the time, liked her hair short. And so it stayed!

This style works best for those with naturally straight and thin hair, but it can be adapted depending on your texture.

Bridgette Bardot’s Curtain Fringe

Who wouldn’t want to look like Bridgette Bardot?

France’s famous blonde bombshell has had an immeasurable effect on fashion, beauty, and general style since she first appeared on the cover of Elle Magazine in 1952.

Her iconic curtain fridge is having a comeback moment in 2021, and it’s easy to see why. Parted down the middle, styled nonchalantly, the curtain fringe is the perfect way to have a cut that’s easy to achieve while still looking fashionable. Requiring just a little attention it’s the perfect amount of style without seeming overdone.

Anna Wintour’s Bob

We would be remiss not to mention one of the most easily recognisable haircuts on this list: Anna Wintour’s bob.

With nary a stray hair, her blunt cut and perfectly combed fringe are as much a part of her identity as her oversized sunnies. Fittingly, one look at her perfectly shaped bob, and you can tell that this woman means business.

As the standing Editor in Chief of Vogue since 1988, Wintour’s influence has cemented the shaped bob as one of the essential fashion-girl haircuts of our times. To be honest, it’s hard to imagine her without perfectly styled hair, a fact that only adds to her to-the-point persona.

Inspired to opt for an iconic look? Taleah & the team are ready to transform you into a classic babe.

See you soon,

Taleah and the Savvy team xx

3 Simple Tips to Winter-Proof your Hair

3 Winter Tips

We love Winter. All the fashion, hot chocolate, and snuggling up under a blanket. But Winter doesn’t love our hair so much. The cold snap can also snap us into dull, dry, and frizzy hair – and quite frankly, it’s not our vibe.

So before you rug up to leave the house, follow our three hottest tips to keep your hair healthy in the cooler months.

Wash your hair less often

Although we live by washing our hair about once a week, in the cooler months we hope you do too. Or, if you’re used to wash your hair every day, switch to every other day. Just try adding a day or two to whatever works for you.

Extending time between washes can help keep your hair stronger and healthier in the winter months. Why? Well shampoo strips the natural oils from your hair, and these oils help keep your hair hydrated. Another way to help stay fresh between washes is to use our trusty old Dry Shampoo. Using dry shampoo will open up the hair shaft and bring life back to your hairstyle. As an added bonus, it’ll also keep your hair smelling delicious.

Hydrate. Hydrate. Hydrate.

Possibly the most important tip in Winter, is to hydrate. When your skin is drying out, you can bet your hair is too. There are so many ways to help maintain hydration, but we recommend committing to a weekly hair mask, adding oils, and upping your water intake.

Just like weekly face mask are essential for hydrated skin, so too are their hair counterpart. Choosing are hair mask that suits your hair type can do wonders for your locks during Winter. They can reverse the effects of drying, while leaving your hair protected, smooth, shiny, and hydrated. And at only 20 minutes a week, there’s no real reason not to add it to your routine.

Applying an oil-based hair treatment daily can help resort moisture when Winter wreaks havoc on your ends. Opting or a lightweight, leave-in formular with argan oil or a similar ingredient can revitalise dry, damaged ends.

And thirdly – drink a lot of water.
We know it sounds simple, but that’s because it is. Hydration starts from within. So to help your whole body – skin, scalp, and hair – stay healthy, plump, and strong , just turn to your tap and drink up nature’s goodness.

Put the heat stylers away

Let your straighter and dryer hibernate for the Winter. As tempting as it may be to tame frizz, regularly blow drying, straightening, or heat styling your hair will only make things worse. If your hair is already feeling fragile, using a hair dryer or styler will only further reduce moister levels and amplify damage. If you really have to use a hair dryer, we understand, but invest in a good thermal protectant. But otherwise, embrace your natural waves, curls, or style as much as possible. Your scalp and hair will love you for the extra gentle TLC.

Looking for the right products or tips for your specific hair type this Winter? Swing by our boutique and Taleah and the team will be able to help you protect and nourish your hair this Winter.

Can’t wait to see you xx
Taleah and the Savvy team.

2021 TikTok Hair Trends

2021 TikTok Hair Trends

Oh yeah, it’s TikTok time! The platform that definitely sucks up too much of our sleep time with mindless scrolling is finally getting put to good use. After hours, and we do mean hours, of research (all for you of course 😉 ), we’ve narrowed it down to 5 of the biggest hair trends on TikTok right now.

So, if you’re a trend spotter, trend hopper, or just trendy – jump on these TikTok hair trends for your next style.

Curtain Bangs

They say history repeats itself and TikTok is really bringing back those banging 70’s curtain bangs. Unlike the side-part, TikTok hasn’t killed has bangs, in fact they’re bringing them back full-force.

Curtain bangs are the perfect balance of natural and chic. This easy, practical hairstyle is for everyone that loves that effortlessly glamourous look without the commitment.


Yeah we’re not sure about this one either, but apparently looking like a tween or Saddle Club extra is cool again. Either way, whip out your rainbow elastics, butterfly clips and get twisting cause all the apps cool-girls are loving these looks.


Right now, the sister trio from Hime and their hair is taking over TikTok, the Grammy, and the Prada fashion show.

Does it look like someone tried to cut their own fringe? Maybe.

Does it look freaking awesome when done correctly to suite your face? Absolutely.

Essentially the look is made up of long hair that’s been straightened and has cheek-length side locks along with bangs in front. We’re talking Mullet, but make it fashion.

Bubble Braid

Maybe we should include this in the Y2K section, but honestly the Bubble Braid gets it’s own spotlight. You may remember Jasmin from Aladdin rocking the do, but to us that just says this hair trend is royalty.

Better yet, it’s super easy to replicate, quick, and with little-to-no resources required.

This versatile hairstyle can do no wrong – braid it, ponytail, oversized, understated at the front – the bubble braid is timeless, simple, and we love it.

Narcissa Malfoy

Ok, we have to admit this is our favourite. Using a lighter, or different colour at the front to frame the face is nothing new, but the vibes Narcissa Malfoy brings to the TikTok table are next level.

We’re talking black hair with pink frames, blue hair with white frames, whatever combination you want, TikTok is serving.

And no, you don’t just have to be a witch to make magic with this look. Changing the colour and style to match your personality can make it princess perfect, grungy, and tres chic.

Inspired by these looks or want to make your own trend? At Savvy, we’re ready and waiting to get creative with you. Bring in your hair inspo and book an appointment now with Taleah and the Savvy team to get started.

Can’t wait to see you xx
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