Decompress with a Silent Hair Appointment

Going to the hairdresser isn’t just about getting your hair treated, it’s treating yourself too. It’s the few hours every month or so that you can truly leave the outside world outside if you want.

While we all love a chat at Savvy, we know that this is your time to relax and decompress – even if that means having some quiet time from us too.

With all the stress, confusion, and change over the last few years, the days people want to simply switch off or tune out to preserve our sanity are becoming more and more frequent. For your average extrovert, quiet time is more than welcome. But for introverts or those that require special social needs, it’s a necessity.

We often are told that although coming to the hairdresser can be an exciting reprieve from life, for some it can be a cause of stress or anxiety. Sitting in a chair, answering questions, holding small talk, feeling the need to converse the entire service can be a lot for some people. Now more than ever, it’s important that our salon is a welcoming and safe space for everyone – not just to allow people to sit back and unwind, but to ensure everyone leaves feeling refreshed from a relaxing environment.

Our clients feeling, and looking, amazing when they leave our salon is one of the best things about being a hairdresser. So, with this in mind, we now offer Silent Hair Appointments.

Silent Appointments are available to all of our clients, new or returning. You can request a Silent Hair Appointment when you make your booking online or tell us before your booking via email or phone. When you arrive for a Savvy Silent Appointment, we’ll have an initial consultation to understand what you’d like treated, then you can enjoy the rest of the service with no conversation – unless it’s absolutely necessary. For us, it’s all about creating a no judgement, safe space for you to sit back and unwind.

We’ll, of course, ask your opinion on your hair and if you’d like an oh-so-dreamy head massage. It’s one of our clients’ favourite parts of the service after all.

If you’re feeling stressed, anxious, fatigued, depressed, have special needs, or just need some me-time without the fear of judgement – we’ve got you. Coming to our Savvy Hair Salon is a wonderful way to practice self-care, and if that includes not having a chat then we hear you – well not literally, but we understand.

At the end of the day, or treatment, a Silent Hair Appointment is a simple way to let us know that today you just need some space for yourself. Creating safe spaces to help our clients to unwind is something we’ve always prided ourselves on, and we’re excited to be offering this Silent Hair Appointment option for our lovely clientele.

If you’d like your next booking to be a Silent Hair Appointment, let us know when you make the appointment. We look forward to spending some quiet time with you,

Taleah & the Savvy team xx

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