5 Reasons to get into hair extensions now!

Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are a hot topic in hair styling — and for good reason! They can make a world of difference to any head of hair.

If you’ve been considering enlisting some help for your luscious locks to shine even brighter, you may have come across the option of hair extensions.

But what exactly can hair extensions do to enhance or change your regular look? To help you decide if they’re the right choice for you, we’ve put together a list of the best reasons to try hair extensions for yourself.

Change up your style

Savvy Hair Extentions

Itching for a new look? One of the best things about hair extensions is that they can transform your look in minutes. That means no more ‘awkward lengths’ or waiting for your hair to grow out to get the style you want.

We’re talking instant beachy waves and bouncy curls, whatever your natural hair length!

The hair extensions we proudly use — Great Lengths — are tape or keratin bond extensions made from natural human hair. So, once they’re in they can be styled in just about any way you’d style your own hair.

They’re also available in a range of lengths and a whole spectrum of tones. That way, you can pick out a set of extensions that subtly enhance your natural look, or go big with an eye-catching ombré or two-tone style.

What’s even better is that you can change up your style 100% guilt free. We’ve purposefully chosen to use Great Lengths hair extensions because they are sourced with donor consent, with money going back into the communities. It’s a win win.

Volume for days

Savvy Hair Extensions

Hair extensions can make a world of difference in the volume department. Just a handful of well-fitted tapes can turn even the thinnest and most delicate heads of hair into a vivacious mane.

The secret to enjoying the volume-enhancing powers of hair extensions for yourself is pretty simple. You need high-quality, natural hair extensions and an experienced hand to fit them.

Great Lengths hair extension tapes have a modular design, so they sit naturally and fall with the rest of your hair. That means your extensions will be seamlessly integrated into your hair, whether you wear it free and flowing or in a thick, swishing ponytail.

Savvy Hair ExtensionsAnd because the Great Lengths hair is from Indian Temple hair, it has a gorgeous natural wave, giving immediate body to thin, or lifeless hair.

While high-quality hair extensions are almost always made from real human hair, the best out there are known as remy hair. This is hair that is cut directly from a donor, rather than collected after it falls, which means all the cuticles face the same direction as your natural hair. And you guessed it, Great Lengths ticks all those boxes.

The benefit of this level of quality and care is that your remy extensions blend naturally into your own hair, maintain the same shine and will stay silky smooth much longer than lower-quality extensions.

Because they’re made from virgin hair, remy hair extensions can also be dyed, tinted and chemically treated the same as your own hair. Great Lengths offers remy hair extensions in an enormous range of tints to match your natural colour, as well as some more specialised options to throw some highlights and depth to your style. And with over 100 natural colours to choose from, you know you’ll find exactly the match you’re looking for.

Long-lasting and low maintenance

Savvy Hair Extensions

High-quality hair extensions certainly are volume, length and style on-demand, but that doesn’t mean they just play for a day. If you look after them well, Great Lengths hair extensions can last between 4-6 months thanks to the keratin bonds on the natural hair.

What’s more, caring for your hair extensions couldn’t be simpler. Since they’re made from real human hair, you look after them pretty much exactly how you would your own hair. So beautiful damage-free hair is yours for almost 6 months, without high maintenance.

Safe and easy to wear

High-quality tape hair extensions can be used on most natural hair types. As long as your hair is healthy and at least more than 5cm in length, you’re eligible for a total style transformation!

They’re also perfectly safe to use and won’t damage your hair when they’re skillfully applied by an experienced professional.

Once they’re in, tape hair extensions can handle just about anything that you’d put your normal hair through — whether you’re swimming regularly, exercising every day or enjoying the sauna every now and then.

So, think hair extensions might be the right choice for your next style upgrade? Drop in for a consultation and we can help you decide what works best for you.

Taleah & the Savvy team xx

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