Win a trip to Paris with L’Oréal Metal Detox

Listen up Savvy Hair fam, there’s never been a better time to get your colour under control. And we mean NEVER.

Right now, one of our most loved hair care brands, L’Oréal, is giving away the trip of a lifetime, and all you need to do to enter the competition is — well — get your hair done. Pretty good deal, no?

By treating yourself to a treatment powered by L’Oréal’s Metal Detox line, you can enter the drawing to win an eight-day, seven-night trip to the city of lights: Paris! Included in the prize pack are a return flight, Trafalgar’s Paris Explorer tour, accommodation, sightseeing, transport, and some meals.

If you have yet to get into the habit of routine salon visits — which we think are necessary, by the way — hopefully the offer of this trip can provide some much-needed motivation to tend to your luscious locks. All you have to do is come in and get a treatment featuring the Metal Detox line, between April 11th and June 5th, and before you know it you could be packing your bags for Paris.

The best part of the competition? Everyone wins.

Even if you aren’t one of the lucky four winners to receive the grand prize, we happen to think that treating your hair to some extra TLC is a prize in itself. Read on to find out why we love the brand, and scroll down to the end for a few more competition details.

L’Oréal’s Metal Detox Line

Did you know that there might be metal in your hair? Yep, it’s a thing — and while it’s typically not damaging to your health, it does become a problem when colouring, balayage or lightening are a typical part of your hair regimen. And while metal is found in hair all over the world, about 44% of people in Australia have excessive metal in their hair, according to L’Oréal.

But how does this impact your hair? And what can be done about it?

Thankfully, the answers to these questions are pretty straightforward. Metal in hair fibres can make the colouring process unstable, which in turn can yield less than ideal results when dying or highlighting. While it might sound like a big deal (and a big effort) to prevent this, L’Oréal has developed the Metal Detox Line around a singular molecule which can get the job done: Glicoamine.

Small enough to penetrate and neutralise metals within hair fibres, this hero ingredient can give you the promise of perfect colour. Every time.

What Is The Treatment?

While L’Oréal does offer an at-home protocol, it’s always best to get some advice from your trusted hair experts first. Us 😉

Not to mention, a visit to Savvy for this purpose will enter you into the draw for the Paris trip, so why not?

In-salon, the treatment protocol consists of three steps to neutralise, clean, and protect your strands, no matter what heavy metals they might encounter. And the results speak for themselves.

Among the many common praises sung by thousands of hairdressers worldwide who’ve adopted the protocol, the greatest takeaway is that it just makes colour better.

And while that may seem like a simple feat, anyone who’s ever walked out of the salon with a less-than-perfect colour knows what a big deal that is. One major frustration for colourists is facing a situation where the colour itself won’t comply due to compounds in the hair. Safe to say, this 3-step process erases that problem.

The colour, the shine, the tone — it all looks better following the metal detox protocol.

Competition Details

To get the chance to win the swoon-worthy trip to Paris, simply come to Savvy Hair and make sure that the Metal Detox protocol is included in your service.

If you’re not one of the lucky two salon-goers to win the trip, you will also have a chance to win minor prizes such as a year’s worth of colour services at Savvy Hair or one year’s worth of Serie Expert Haircare.

Full details can be found in the images below. We can’t wait to see you soon — and we’ve got our fingers crossed!

If you’d like to schedule an appointment, click here to check our availability and make a booking.

See you soon!
Taleah and the Savvy team xx