5 Must Have Winter Hair Trends for 2021

5 Must Have Winter Hair Trends for 2021

Winter is finally making its way into our wardrobe. But winter style doesn’t stop there. It’s time to shake up your winter hair-do too. I mean, any excuse to look fresh as hell right?

And while we know that blonde is the colour of summer and most of our Savvy babes will be making their way back to their blonde bombshell vibes when December approaches, it’s only May! So why not mix it up over Winter?

Now, because we know how much you love your summer colours, we’re not going to tell you all to dive into a crazy colour change (although we love to see it and will totally help you). Instead we’re going to show you our 5 favourite must-have winter hair trends that you can add to your look today – cause sometimes a little change can make a huge difference.

1 – Honey Blonde Babe

Oh yeah, it’s Honey Blonde season baby. This cult fave is a blend of dark and warm blonde with light brown. Essentially it takes all the wonderfully warm vibes of winter – cinnamon, honey, and caramel – and blends them through your hair. Delicious.

A winter classic for blondes, we love the honey blonde look because the warmth in the shades reflect light, which makes your hair appear shinier and healthier. As an added bonus, this colour is especially gorgeous on people with yellow, golden, or dark skin tones.

2 – Chocolate Brown Fade

Want a winter look that’s good enough to eat? Break yourself off a piece of the chocolate brown fade. Deliciously warm and rich, this look combines deep brown with a touch of golden highlights and a dash of mahogany.

It’s the seductive, mysterious winter colour that will take your hair to the next level, and we absolutely love it.

3 – Golden Brown Balayage

The golden brown balayage is timeless. It’s a great way to lighten dark hair or add much warmer tones to light hair. To achieve this classic look, we use a very dark brown base colour, then add a highlight with a medium brown tone – this accentuates both the darker hair shade and your skin tone.

Beautifully low-maintenance due to its blended look, this is perfect for our Savvy babes that can only come visit us once this winter.

4 – Silver and Gold

Silver & gold together… trust us here. Yes that may seem like an odd couple, but they go amazingly together when layered perfectly.

For our sexy silver foxes, pops of gold are a gorgeous addition to your 2021 winter hair. And for our lighter blonde babes, add a sliver of silver for that extra wow factor. Either way you go, this look will catch the light and turn you into a glistening goddess.

5 – Bronde

This beautiful brown and blonde mix is popping up all over Hollywood and we can see why. The two-tone look is super glamorous and very winter-appropriate.

We think bronde is perfect for almost everyone —for blondes who want to look less summery, brunettes who want to go lighter, and those who just want to dip their toes into dyeing their hair.

Bronde is very easy to maintain and works across an array of natural colours. Mixing highlights and mid-lights in this way creates a multi-dimensional look that’s sure to turn heads.

So there you have it, our top 5 favourite 2021 winter trends. No matter which one you choose, we promise to make sure you look banging when you leave our boutique. So warm up in our Savvy salon this winter, we can’t wait to see you.

Lots of love always,
Taleah and the Savvy team xx