Here it is – your 2020 festive season hairstyle bible inspired by all the things we binged across the year.

If, like us here at Savvy, this year meant A LOT of screen time. From Netflix & Stan binges, YouTube blackholes, and Pinterest overloads we’ve had a lot of time to look for the most amazing hairspo.

This festive season, when it comes to hairstyles, it’s all about going big! After the year we’ve had, we definitely deserve it.

When it comes to going big, it’s all about hair extensions. The trick is not only to use them for length, but also adding thickness and volume.

At Savvy, we love Great Lengths hair extensions, and because we want you to have the most amazing hairstyles, we’re currently offering 30% off Great Lengths hair extensions in salon in December and January.

And now, here are our top 3 favourite big and beautiful hairstyles for you this silly season.

1 – Anything from Younger.

Did we watch 6 seasons back to back? Yes. Was it a waste of time? Absolutely not.
Not only is the fashion a total vibe, but the hairstyles in this show are envious AF.

From Liza’s luscious locks to Kelsey’s glamorous yet simple styles, Younger delivers banger after banger for envious festive hair styles.

But the stars of the show are the age-defying intricate up-dos. Lots of twists and braids, lots of top and bottom knots, and even more wow factor. Here are some of our favs –


2 – Live-In Ponies

It goes without saying that looking effortlessly glamorous is a whole skill and the lived in ponytail is no exception. The old classic gets a fresh twist… and plait… and curl this christmas. It’s all about using those creative juices built up over quarantine to own your lived-in pony.

Get messy, get bold, get creative with these standout Pinterest moments.


3 – One for our Curly Hair Queens

Summer, heat, humidity… it’s time for our natural curly haired queens to shine.

Over quarantine our natural hair has had time to breath, rest, and recuperate returning to the outside world stronger and more beautiful than ever before.

Now’s the time to keep that ball rolling.

Summer is all about low-maintenance natural beauty, so put down that straightening iron and embrace those bouncy rings with these cute, stylish, and lazy hairstyles tutorials from Youtube.


We can’t wait to see how wild you go with your hair this festive season. Come into the salon today to pick up your Great Lengths extensions to start getting creative.

Love, Taleah and the Savvy team xx

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