Mastering the salon fresh feeling with L’Oreal Professional & Kerastase

There’s nothing quite like leaving the salon with an extra bounce in your step and locks. So how do hairdressers achieve this magic? Let’s break it down.

First, L’Oreal Smartbond Additive & Pre-Shampoo

Yeah we know we’ve chatted about this before, but it’s only because we’re obsessed with it and want you to be too.

Everytime you treat your hair with chemicals, and for a lot of us it’s been years, our hair tends to lose its natural strength and shine.

In the salon, we use the Additive to your hair to increase the fibres and limit further damage and breakage – this is especially important when we have to bleach or colour your locks. It’s your first line of defence for strong, healthy hair. And as an added bonus, we think it smells pretty great too.

Then, also in the salon, we add the Pre-Shampoo from the roots all the way to the ends. Because it has to sit for 10 minutes to work its magic, this is the part where we usually leave you to relax.

Combined, these two steps of the L’Oreal Smartbond routine provide the perfect foundation for the salon-fresh feeling.

Then, Kerastase Fusio-Dose

You know that dreamy head massage moment at the wash basin? Well this is when we make your hair feel as wonderful as you do.

Fusio-Dose is truly as fancy as it sounds. For the treatment, we blend together a bespoke cocktail of Kerastase products from the Fusio-Dose range to bring out the best in your hair. It’s all about regeneration and shine for longer-lasting healthy hair.

Even at home, we’ve heard our beautiful clients brag about how after the Fusio-Dose treatment they can feel the difference in health and vibrance in their hair… even when wet.

When used in a salon ritual alongside L’Oreal Smartbond, Kerastase Fusio-Dose really shines. Because as L’Oreal Smartbond strengths and protects, Kerastase Fusio-Dose can then go above-and-beyond to provide regeneration and vibrance for healthier, shinier hair.

At home, L’Oreal Smartbond Conditioner

Surprise! The L’Oreal touch continues outside the salon with their third product in the Smartbond routine. While the Additive and Pre-Shampoo are in-salon treatments, the Conditioner is reserved for your home care ritual.

L’Oreal says to use this every three washes, and we totally agree. As it works to continuously strengthen your strand fibre, it’s the perfect pick-me-up for gorgeous, silky smooth hair in between appointments.

We know how much you love your hair when you leave our salon, that’s why we want you to prolong that feeling as long as possible. During November, you can pick up the whole L’Oreal Smartbond three step routine for $45 and a Kerastase Fusio-Dose for just $55.

Together, both products work to transform your hair from the inside out leaving it strong, protected, softer, and shinier after every wash.

Secure your salon ritual collection today from Taleah and the Savvy team xx