GHD Platinum+. Your secret weapon to a good hair day, every day.

Finally something good to come out of 2020, the newest stone in the GHD crown – the Platinum+. It’s the smartest, sleekest, and smoothest straightener to come out of GHD yet.

SMART Technology

The Platinum+ predicts what your hair needs. GHD has fitted both of the floating plates with sensors that are built to monitor heat 250 times every second. These sensors determine the thickness of your hair, the size of the portions you’re working with and how quickly you’re styling so they can adjust the heat and power accordingly.

This Smart technology means less heat stress on your hair – which is particularly important for our Blondies, who need a little extra TLC when it comes to heat and styling.

One of the big points about this new model compared to the past GHD range, is their promise to leave hair “70% stronger, 20% shinier, and with twice the colour protection”. And we can definitely see the difference. Everytime we use the Platinum +, we find our hair is left looking shinier and less brittle – both very important when working with heat.

New Design

Now if you haven’t upgraded your straightener in a while, you’d be excused if a few things about the Platinum+ shocked you. Firstly, the hinge has been updated to be a wishbone style mechanic, giving a much smoother open/close experience. This means you can twist and curl your hair all you like without the fear of getting your hair caught – which we’ve all done at least once or twice.

The new hinge feature is fashion as well as function, giving the straightener a sleeker more luxurious look too.

You’ll also find that instead of a switch, the single On/Off button is flush with the body of the straightener. When pressed, a soft little sound plays, and then plays again when the temperature reaches 185˚C (in just 20 seconds), which we think is pretty cute.

While what’s inside the box is very impressive, GHD have outdone themselves on the packaging. The Platinum+ is available in a range of colours including Deep Scarlet and Powder Pink and comes in a gorgeous little care box.

You can really see that GHD has put love into this model, and knows it’s all the little things that make for a more enjoyable styling experience.

And yes, at $345 they’re definitely an investment. But when it comes to GHD you know they’re built to last.

Luckily for you though, the team at Savvy are giving away a brand new Platinum+ for one of our lovely clients. Over October and November, all bookings will come with a chance to win themselves their very own GHD Platinum+.

Get in touch with Taleah and the team today to book your next appointment for a chance to win.

We’ll see you soon, Savvy xx