Our review on Evo Fab Pro – the hottest colour conditioner in town

It’s the product taking over London, New, York, Sydney and well… the globe. But what’s the big fuss about the new Evo Fab Pro line? Let us break down this trend for you.

There’s two products to Evo Fab Pro – direct dye in salon & colour maintenance at home.

In a salon, the direct dye product is used in the very experienced and careful hands of your stylist… and you should leave it that way.

Evo Fab Pro direct dyes are mixed by your stylist to create an unlimited pallet of semi-permanent colours. Colour refresh, fills, tones, pastels, bright, trendy, natural… whatever your heart desires is up for grabs.

At home, the Evo Fab Pro colour maintenance line is a conditioner mask to keep you looking gorgeous between appointments. Because this blog is made for you, we’ll focus on the colour maintenance line and leave the direct dyes to the professionals.

They say…

Fab Pro Colour Maintenance matches ANY colour.

During your salon visit, your hairdresser can create a custom take-home colour conditioner to perfectly match your hair. Whether you’re pretty in pink, a show-stopping red, or a chocolate brown that would melt hearts, Fab Pro is the ultimate colour range.

It’s the perfect pick-me-up in between salon visits.

Armed with your tailored colour match in between appointments, Fab Pro colour maintenance conditioner should be used at least once a week to maintain your colour and keep your hair salon fresh.

It’s got no nasties.

No ammonia, peroxide, sulfates, parabens, or gluten. And it’s also vegan and created cruelty free (that means it’s only be tested on other style queens like you, and not baby bunnies).

3 minutes once a week is all you need.

The Evo team recommends 3 minutes at least once a week is the right application for Fab Pro. Seems like a simple enough add into your hair care routine.

It leaves no chunky colour build-up.

If matched correctly, the colour won’t get any more intense or darker than after your first few applications. Colour maintenance is designed to replace the colour that washes out in between direct dye applications. Only so much colour can be added to the strands before the fibre is saturaturated. Of course, this depends on your hair type.

We say…they’re right. It’s bloody brilliant.

While we think the less washes in between salon visits the better (within reason though, we all know life happens, it gets oily and dirty), we don’t see the need to use Fab Pro every wash but rather every two to three washes.

In saying that everybody’s hair is unique and will take to colour differently, so while we say not every wash, you do you boo.

When you do use Fab Pro at home, keep an eye on how well it works. The longer you leave it on, the more colour you’ll achieve. So for those of us with very porous hair, a quick fix might be all you need.

Next time you come see us at Savvy Hair Artistry chat to Taleah and our team about collecting your customised Fab Pro colour maintenance conditioner, so you can keep looking gorgeous from the moment you step out to when you come visit again.

See you soon, xx