Five Tips and tricks to get more Volume for Short Hair and Fine Hair

Do you ever start off the morning with hair volume for days, only for it to flatten out as the hours pass by? If you have short hair and just can’t seem to maintain lift and volume, we’ve got five expert tips for you to try that will infuse life back into your hair.

1. Hair extensions with volumizer for added thickness

Hair extensions are the fastest, easiest way to add thickness and length to your hair in as little as five minutes. For short hair, be sure to choose a set that is thicker than your actual hair type to ensure that the extensions blend in seamlessly with the shorter ends of your hair. Savvy Hair can point you in the right direction to order the perfect extension you as well as providing you with a hair tutorial on how to put them in.

Add in a volumizer

For that mega volume, we usually like to take it a step further by adding in a Volumizer Weft, this is a single, 4-clip weft, which adds 45g of added volume to your hair. When wearing the Volumizer Weft. Simply stack this this weft onto the weft clipped in at the widest part of your head. Stacking the wefts in this way will reduce bulk at the back of your head, only leaving you with thick, volumized, cascading hair.

2. Dry Shampoo

There’s a reason why your hair looks fluffy and voluminous when you first wash it, flattening gradually until you wash it again. Our scalp produces natural oils called sebum, which protect your hair and scalp, keeping them moisturized. These natural oils also protect the scalp from bacterial infection, forming a barrier from disease carrying bacteria. While sebum provides loads of benefits for the hair and scalp, a downside to these natural oils is that they weigh down the hair at the roots, resulting in flat, lifeless hair until your next wash. A solution? Dry shampoo.

Dry shampoo is a quick, effective way to banish greasy roots and oily hair, reviving style and volume instantly. Simply separate your hair section by section, sprinkle in a bit of dry shampoo, rub the product into your roots, and watch your hair come back to life. For an extra bit of zhoosh, flip your hair upside down, and apply dry shampoo to the roots underneath your head as well. We have a selection of the perfect dry shampoo for your hair needs.

3. Texturizing spray

Texturizing spray is our little secret for that tousled, model-off-duty look. Whether you’re wearing your hair short or with extensions clipped in, texturizing spray adds an airiness to the hair for that perfectly undone finish. Use your fingers to feather through your hair and spray the texturizing spray from the midshaft to ends, avoiding the roots. Scrunch the hair, and you’re done!

Our favorite texturizing spray is the Savage Panache from loreal Professional, gives you the perfect volume all day that leaves your hair looking like a 10 all day long. If you’re looking to splurge a bit more, opt for the Pureology wind tossed Texturizing Spray, which preserves moistures in the hair while adding shine and definition. 

4. Change your part

Your hair strands eventually get used to the same part, falling flat over time. In order to maintain volume at the roots, it’s a good idea to switch up your hair part every now and again. If you usually part your hair in the middle, try flipping your hair to the side. If you usually part your hair on the side, part your hair on the opposite side, and watch your hair instantly lift itself.

5. Tease your hair

Teasing your hair forces the roots to stand upright, adding instant lift and volume. Using either a teasing brush or large paddle brush, (which we sell at Savvy Hair Artistry )separate your hair section by section, backcombing the hair at the roots. Finish off with some light hold hair spray, then lightly brush over the top of your hair to smoothen down any tangles.

Do you have short or long hair? Do you have any other tips to getting more volume? Let us know in the comments below. 

Savvy Team XX