Why doesn’t my blow-dry last when I do it at home?

When clients come into the salon, their hair always looks fantastic when leaving because of the blow-dry and finish they get after a service. So why doesn’t my blow-dry at home last as well as it does when leaving the salon? And how can I make my blow-dry last when doing it myself at home? This can be the answer you are looking for:

There is a lot of factors to a long-lasting blow-dry which can be: humidity, rain and using the correct products.

In-salon, we only use professional products which is a big tick to a lasting blow-dry.

We always use quality shampoos, conditioners and treatments at the basin that is suited to your hair type, as Stylists we also use our favourite products to prep and set the hair when blow-drying and styling. Which can be purchased in the salon to take home to continue making your hair feel amazing when blow-drying at home.

Humidity and rain is a killer for a blow-dry, every girl that has thick and unruly hair will know this. Therefore it can be impossible to try and get the same results at home.

Some tricks you can use at home for the day after a blow-dry is dry shampoo. My personal favourite is the Loreal professional techni-art morning after dust.

It not only helps to add that bit of volume back into your hair, but it also smells amazing. Another product I like to use is a bit of serum on the mid-lengths and ends. Again, my favourite product is the Loreal professional mythic oil.

Before you blow-dry your hair, you need to remember a few things! Prepare your hair. This can be achieved by using a smoothing cream to a root lift spray or mouse to a curly cream or even just a heat spray. We always encourage to put in a product before you even start to blow-dry.

When you start to blow-dry don’t put a brush straight under your hair when it is dripping wet, you will get sore arms, and it will take too long to dry, after you prep your hair blast dry it 80-90% with the dryer alone. After that you can start to use a round brush, this will get you the lift and shine in the blow-dry.

Once you have finished blow-drying, decide if you want to run the straightener over the top (making sure you don’t lose the root lift) or if you want to add some curls. Always make sure you are using a heat protectant. My favourite for curls? The GHD curl hold spray of course.

When you’re done, add some hair spray to set it once fully finished.

So there you have it! Always remember that good quality products go a long way in keeping your hair in top condition as well as maximising your salon treatment.