Why Use Smart Bond by Loreal?

Our customers are asking why we use Smart bond? At Savvy, we love Smart Bond as it is insurance for your hair, and the results are incredible.

Why is it insurance for your hair?

Smart Bond is a new technology that revolutionises the strength of your hair after you have a colour service. It works by strengthening your hair as you colour it.

How does it work? Well, it comes in two parts – Part A and Part B!

Part A works as an additive that is added to your colour when you’re in the salon to help prevent further damage to your hair. The hair fibres and cortex are made up of keratin chains, and bonds link these.

The point of Smart Bond is to strengthen these bonds to improve the quality, feel and look of the hair.

Why do you need it?

Colouring the hair weakens it due to from oxidation. Bonds in the hair can’t reform because the ions have been damaged. Smart Bond addresses these issues by targeting the weaker parts of the hair bond to strengthen and limit stress to keep the bond intact.

It also assists in improving the overall finish of your hair colour as this will take more evenly.

Reconstruct the weak ion bonds to reverse the feel of damaged hair. We highly recommend this for our clients who bleach or lightened their hair. Not only will it adapt to colour, it protects it without affecting the lift or tone at all.

How does it work? Smartbond is added to your colour when mixed and applied as standard. This colour processes for the usual time. When the colour is ready to come off the hair is rinsed without shampoo and towel dried.

Smart bond (Part B) is applied to pre-shampoo hair after being towel dyed. It is used all over the hair evenly for 10 minutes (do not use a hot towel to the Smart Bond).

It is then rinsed, and shampoo and conditioner are applied as usual. This in Salon treatment cost $30.00 on top of your colour service. We strongly recommend the Smart Bond treatment that you do once a week to protect the bonds at home.

If this missed the hair will revert to the original condition before Smart Bond. The conditioner can be bought at Savvy Hair Artistry for $45. Just ask your Savvy hairdresser about it at your next visit #bondwithyourbestie